May 18

Brickwall with ivy

Has the ivy inhabited the brickwall?
Has the brickwall inhabited the ivy?

Whatever the case

In the summers it is hot
In the winters it is cool

Is it because red and green
are complementary colors?

Is it because their textures 
are similar because they are so rough?

Is it because they smell
like a car that’s in park?

Is it because they taste
like sawdust?

Well at least that’s what I think it tastes like
I don’t even want to put my tongue near them
Nobody wants to go near them
Not even the sparrows or the crows want to go near them

And now that I think about it
You all want to be together
because nobody wants you

If the brick ivy wall is being knocked down
not one of them goes down,
they both go down 

As the sun sets on to them
It doesn’t blind me

I’m seeing them blend
I’m seeing them together  
I’m seeing the harmony of you