May 19
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How We Can Sacrifice

I believe we should all recognize the people that serve or served for our country and our freedom. We should all try our hardest to show that we care. Not just say it but also show it. 

We need to sacrifice. Why? Because sacrifice is a part of life. Sacrificing is not just donating a pair of shoes but, it’s giving up your last pair of shoes. Sure, we should all donate because it is a good deed but it’s not a sacrifice when you go home or to where you live there most likely will be another pair of shoes for you.    

 When we make a real sacrifice we expect nothing in return and most of the time nothing is left for ourselves. When we are sacrificing it doesn’t have to be anything big like risking your life for someone or something else. It could just be simple things like standing up for the Pledge of Allegiance in your school or not talking during the National Anthem.     

To prove my points about sacrifice, I am going to talk about two people that sacrificed a lot for our freedom and how they did this by joining the U.S Military. The two people are My Uncle Ben who was a U.S Navy cook and my older brother, Diago who is in the U.S Army. Both of these people are in different branches of the Military and had different jobs while doing it.

My uncle Ben who was in the Navy was a cook but he still had to go through all the training of a Navy sailor. My uncle also was on a ship that was as tall as a building. There were always air crafts coming and going off the top of the ship. 

He was always in the galley or in other words the kitchen. He says that when you are on the ship you don’t know what time or even day it is. The ship he was on was a U.S.S. Navy Carrier and the name was the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt but everyone calls it the Big Stick. The reason why it’s nicknamed The Big Stick is because of President Roosevelt’s quote “Walk softly but carry a big stick.”

While my brother Diago is in the Army he hasn't actually fought in a war yet. He still went to boot camp and had to wake up at six o’clock in the morning everyday and do exercises. 

When my brother came home for visits he had us wake up at six o’clock in the morning and do half of the exercises he did. It was brutal. I hated it because when one of my brothers messed up, we had to redo everything. But I guess it was an experience to remember. 

He says that at boot camp if you were to leave your locker open, the Sargents would come and throw all your stuff on the floor for everyone to see. 

His base is in Texas. His base is called Fort Hood. This is where he trains. Some ways he trained is by climbing a skyscraper with no harness on. You would just have to work together and get everyone up. He would also shoot guns at moving targets.

I gave you two people who were willing to give their lives for this country and for our freedoms. The people who go to the military sure don’t do it for the money. A U.S. soldier makes 33k-52k per year on average. While your average NFL player makes 20 million a season.

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