May 19
nonfiction challenge: Picture
Thetford Academy's picture

Tea Party

Story by Julia B
This is me with my cousins Liam and Ruth, and my Dad, having a tea party. This is at my grandparents’ house in Thetford, two days before Christmas in 2013. I was four years old. I love this picture because it reminds me of all the tea parties I had at my grandparents’  house. My grandmother would always bring down from the shelf her ceramic pot with a chicken on it and let me pick my tea flavor. 

On the table you can also see that we have some of our favorite cookies, chocolate chip oatmeal that we liked to make together. Those cookies are the best. I always licked the bowl with the raw cookie dough and I still do! We would grab the tea set from her craft closet that smelled oddly good. With all the shapes and colors you could pick out the clear box and blue lid that held the set. We would set the table all fancy with the fork over the napkin on the right and the spoon and knife on the right.

Everyone would sit and we would enjoy our tea with our pinkies out. These are such fond memories and I’m glad I have this picture to remember them by.

Event Date: 
Friday, May 20, 2022