May 28
poem challenge: I will ...
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This Summer is Mine

This summer, I will be reborn.
I will rise from the ashes that
have been these past few years.

I will live
life more fully than it
has ever been lived.

I will take every chance
I get, because I have nothing
left to lose.

This summer, I will do it,
because no one else is
going to do it for me.

I will take advantage of being
young and able
to do so many extraordinary things.

I will savor every minute
of the adventures life
has to offer me.

This summer, I will try to forget.
I won't think about 
what I had and don't have

I won't relive the moments 
that made me so happy now
I cry.

I won't think 
too hard about where I have
been and the people I knew. 

This summer is mine
if I live it,
and it could easily
be yours too.
Event Date: 
Sunday, May 29, 2022