Jun 07

twisted ankles

getting used to strangers
not returning smiles on 
the sidewalk makes you
not wish to smile in the
first place and at some
point you get far too
accustomed to twisted
ankles and getting pushed
to the side that when the
path clears up and you can
walk wherever you wish
you stick with familiar pain
because that is everything
you know and you don't
want to feel lost and alone
so when the strangers smile
you aren't quite sure how
to smile back, and when
you are always being told no
you don't know how to react
to the word yes and when
you are used to being treated
a certain way and you call 
that love, when you lose it
you think your life is over
but it's really just on hold
and you're not sure how to
start it again, it's quite a
shame to get used to pain
and it makes you can't let go
of twisted ankles because
that is all you know and you
are far too scared to change