Jun 14

Ode To Arms

Oh my dear Arms, thank you for all that you have done for me.

You are the ones that lift 100 pound weights as I (totally) work out at the gym. 

You are the ones that do all the hard work of hauling my backpack full of heavy books onto my shoulder.

You are the ones that are sadly forced to suffer through pushups and burpees.

You are the ones that have to endure the humiliation of my bad flexing.

Thank you for not giving up on me.

Thank you for staying by my sides and for not leaving.

In truth, I need you.

I need you for more than lifting weights.

I need you for more than flexing.

I need you for more than exercises.

I need you


You are a part of me.

When you hurt, I hurt.

When they talk about you, they talk about me.

People say we have been inseparable since birth.

I tell them what they need to know.

It’s true.

You have grown with me,

Suffered with me,

Enjoyed with me,

And tolerated me.

For that, I need to thank you again. 

Thank you my dear arms, for putting the arm in army.

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