Jun 21
poem challenge: Writing 2022

Let It Go

The thawed suffering of verdant sprouts
Potentials crushed by our footsteps
Renunciation of Earth, who crumbles

Presents whose only destiny is clutter piling high
On our supposedly special days and stirring
Our dormant anger, yet don't want to be an ingrate

Our perspectives so seemingly esoteric
Their perspectives all too myopic to ours
In that case, assuming we're just wrong

Classrooms and places we must call home
Where we are made pariahs hiding away
Are sharply disparate in those who reside

Eschewing all we don't understand
While understanding lingers just out of reach
Fabricating truths while we reach so far to achieve it

Lamenting the onerous lack of answers
Upbraiding ourselves and ceasing to understand
That the answers will finally come if we

Let it go