Jun 22

until i leave

There are four days now until I leave.
It's unbelievable;
surreal, honestly.
Typically I hate leaving the warm cocoon of home,
where life is predictable--
But life,
I am sorry to say,
is never
not ever
as good as when I am at camp.
My happy place,
the best place I have been blessed
to visit.
where sunsets pour
into the rippling lake,
where friendships are formed
under the roofs of tiny cabins.
At camp,
you can be anyone you want,
your best self.
Under the blue sky,
through the green trees,
in the dining hall 
and the lake
and the cabins
and the hiking trails
and the arts center
and anywhere--
you go within the little bit of 
heaven on earth
that is
closer to you than you think.
It's within a soft hug,
a touch of hands,
voices singing in the sweetest melody.
Within the notion
that there are days
until you leave.

to go to
where your heart sets free.