Jun 22
poem challenge: Writing 2022

i found you

i found you
hidden in the dark,
your face blazing in the yellow glow of my flashlight.
your eyes staring,
blue-streaked green,
soft and hopeful.
i reached out my hand, and--
and the stars in the heavens whirled, leapt, rearranged
as our souls intertwined
like string.
i held you,
and as i did,
i felt i was holding your heart
in my rough, calloused hand,
keeping it safe
you wanted it once again.
i led you out of your cold, dark place
and into the light,
created by millions of stars, planets, meteors
forming a galaxy,
in the sky above us,
the space between our connected hands
bursting with color,

i found you,
and you found me too.