Jul 01
rant challenge: Roe v. Wade

I don’t even know

To the Supreme Court 

I'm sorry, but what exactly do you get out of this again?
More overpopulation?
You’re pro life but have you done anything about 
The starving people in this world?
Have you even considered, the children that commit suicide
Every year because they don’t want to be in foster care 
So tell me again, what is this to you?
Because what do you think you’re going to get out of controlling 
The bodies that don’t belong to you?
Why is it that you get to decide the fate of millions of people?
Sorry if it seems like I’m attacking but
I’m scared and upset right now
And I really don’t understand 
How come guns have more rights than a person who can 
Create life?
How come guns have more rights than me? 
How come the one that takes away
Has more freedom than the one who gives?
And what happens to the ones who are born
Homeless, hungry, poor, unwanted
Do you even care what happens to them when they’re 
Actually born? 
What about the ones who die after birth and take
The ones who birthed them too?
What about the ones who so severely can’t
Afford a baby, or maybe it affects their health too
What about if they try to perform the abortion themselves?
You’re not banning abortions.
Only the ones that are safe. 
You’re not saving unborn lives, you’re killing
The ones that already existed.
Please explain this to me
Because what exactly is it
That you get out of this?