Jul 13

The final horizon

they found it
I knew they would
with their star cameras
pointed towards the drop off
where the cold, midnight waterfall
folds over and disappears,
they found it
on the final horizon,
a single saltbox building
with a blue tin roof
and white vinyl walls
a single brown door
with two creamy stained-glass windows
staring out over the drop off.
to them, 
those that found it,
it was nothing but dust and light,
but to me, 
the one who saw it,
I recognized the cool tin,
it was a post office
at the edge of the universe
and I grabbed all the 
letters from my drawers.
​the white envelopes blinked brightly
in the heavy midnight darkness
as I stood on my toes
and fed them through 
the cluster box
in front of the post office
on the bending waterfall
at the edge of the universe
hearing them make a 
soft plunk as they hit the bottom
and the sound running with 
the silent waves over the fall
I dropped the last letter into the box
but somehow I had little doubt
they would get where they were
supposed to be
I sat down with a sigh
on a boulder hunched over the abyss
then I did what anyone does
when all the letters are sent,
pulled a daisy from the post office lawn
and plucked the petals one by one
letting them fall over the edge
counting them off till they were gone
and I sat holding the flowerless stalk
smiling softly into the final horizon