Jul 18


Jump the school fence tonight
Run until you're out of sight
leave me chasing hopeless in the dark

you said you'd stay for me 
you were never gonna let me go

but now you're gone
just like the rest
they never stay for too long

the memories are stacked high in the basement
where daylight filters in through a small window
sending a beam of light through the darkness
and the dust
it's so hard not to sit in the memories
in the first box there's stargazing on the top of a mountain
just you and me 
and a dead flashlight
whispering secrets
that no one will ever hear
because you left this town
without me
in the second box there's early morning conversations
driving in your car
before the biggest race of my life
when you said you loved me
but it doesn't  matter 
because now you're in washington
and why would you remember me?
in the third box there's our first sleepover
in a tent 
in the living room
and that awful song we wrote together
but I'm sure you've forgotten that
because now you're a different person
and to her, I don't matter
and in the last box there's racing on the beach
with a soccer ball above your head
laughing when you lose
and jumping into the water
before the sun goes to bed
except your funeral was years ago
so how could you remember me?

it's so hard not to sit in the memories
because they're all gone
and they're never coming back

they've all forgotten

that I'm still stuck out here


why can't you see that

i'm still here?