Jul 21
poem challenge: Writing 2022

Watching The World Go By

We popped open the trunk and inhaled
The classic dank smell of the old car.
We sat on its edge and grinned and pointed
Like they do in the movies.
We awaited the brewing storm,
Already wet from the sprinkles.
We winked at the clear night sky
And counted constellations.
We listened to the rumble of the thunder,
Rattling and preparing to rage.
We waited for the lightning
And the heavy slashes of downpour.
We whiled away hours in laughs
Winding through our young imaginations.
We sat there and smiled and leaned on
One another's shoulders.
We were just there, just us, no phones
Or this or that, and the storm never came.
We were content and, in fact,
The happiest we had been in awhile.
We sat there with no expectations,
Just watching the world go by.