Jul 23
poem challenge: My Generation

Generation Stone

My world, the one I’m growing up in, the one that I’ll watch mature and age, is one of jaded skepticism.

It’s one of blame and bitterness.

I was raised by those from very different worlds. Their worlds weren’t perfect, but they were less confusing.

If a ship went into space, it inspired hope, and made millions of kids look at the sky and wonder, “What’s out there?”

Those ships were built by those with hopes and with dreams.

When I look around the classroom, people talk not of hope but of depression, not of the future, but of the grim present.

How will we change the world if we’ve already given up? If all we do is blame the past for ourselves and the world?

We can’t move forwards if we glare at things unchangeable.

In the world of my grandmother, war was for righteous cause.

The people that fought believed in what they were fighting for, agreed with what they were fighting for, and knew who they were fighting for.

America was at its height – it wasn’t perfect by any means, but people tried.

Those worlds were simpler ones.

“Generation Z” sounds like something out of the Star Trek movies my mom adored, with their pristine spaceships, black and white morals, and thoughts for the future.

A better name would be “Generation Stone”.

All we think of are the mountains that made us.

The world that locks us in seemingly unbreakable chains.

Created and shaped by ravenous volcanoes and earthquakes which have slowly melted and chipped away at us.

We forget that stone can be beautiful.

That stones aren’t what they were, or who have kicked them around, but what they could be.

Stones can believe, and trust, and create.

Moss grows in the cracks of stone.

Trees need rocks to anchor them.

I’m angry with my generation.

Because for all the hardships placed upon us, the only thing we think about is the burden, the unfairness of where it was placed.

We’ve never stopped to think about what would happen if we stopped giving up.

Hope isn't something you're given, but something you make out of the things you look up to.