Jul 29

what if?

your mom wants to open a swedish pancake house
mine wants her own bakery
what if,
        just what if,

they could open one together.
in the mountains, on the north shore of the lake
obviously not the south side.
everyone knows about the people on the south side.

what if they opened a little restaurant
in the mountains,
and we could spend every day together?

in the mornings we could run deep into the woods
or on the trail that surrounds the lake
just you and me
and the dogs, of course.
no leashes, no phones, none of 

and after we could leap off the boulders
and plunge into the freezing water
just floating in the crystal clear

maybe if the wind is strong enough
I could teach you how to surf
just like we always talked about.

in the afternoons we could do our homework
in that booth in the back corner
the one that doesn't get any good light.
and as much as we'd hate the work
it wouldn't matter
because we would be together

but that's only if
             our parents got along
        and these 500 miles disappeared.
so we
                                                                                 could be