Aug 05

Perplexing Poems

If 79 is 2+2
Then a male sheep is a ewe
but if 79 is 79
then tie up your hair with natural twine
If today is yesterday the 79
then all the songbirds are to rhyme
79 is to take a nap too
too, as in, as well as you!
Give me pie!
If you ever see a pie
the second Wednesday in July
then tell me (once or twice) 
why I didn't get a slice!

Forgive me
14 chocolate donuts
didn't know that they were
consumed by you
leaving one and a half for Nottie
whoever consumed the last one
is hiding in the cupboard
with the 72 ants
(that are kind of irrelevant)
if the frog won't forgive you
then I won't either,