Aug 13
poem challenge: Writing 2022

These Nights

Still air. Cool breeze. 

The constant cacophony of insects 
setting the scene for these summer nights. 

Nights to reflect on 
Of the passage of time that can only be described by sprawling beams of sunlight 
morphing into stars. 

On these nights, 
my friends have passed through, 
leaving a mess of laughter and glitter bubbling in my soul. 

My mother has kissed me, 
and my father has arrived. 

On these nights, 
I can let myself unwind the spool of memory, 
and form a thread between my then and now.  

The passage of summer, 
brings the passage of me’s 
who have danced through the halls of heat 
run through the sands of time 
and laughed through the fields of light.  

My joy has left its mark on the world. 
My hopes and fears and dreams 
are forever in the hearts of my homes.