Aug 14
poem challenge: Writing 2022

That Darn Old Fly!

It all started at dinner.
We heard it while cooking. 
We heard it while eating.
“BUZZ BUZZ!,” it went. 
We covered our food as I grabbed the fly swatter.
But alas, he kept flying higher and higher.
He flew around quickly and darted about,
Daring me with a swift “Catch me if you can.”
So I jumped and jumped, just missing him narrowly,
Swatting and swatting till I grew tired and tired.
When finally he rested upon a high shelf 
I snuck up behind him, both quickly and carefully,
And just as I went in for the final attack,
He spun around swiftly just out of my grasp.
So on and on he went on teasing and taunting,
And on I went both smashing and swatting.
As he flew higher and higher, I grew tired and tired.
Soon I was ready to admit my defeat.
But that’s when he stopped, just hovering above me.
So without a thought, I slapped my hands 
And watched as he tumbled lower and lower.
I did it. I did it. I killed that daft fly. 
But as I glanced upon his small body, 
A wave of sorrow hit me. 
I did it. I did it. I killed that daft fly. 
That daft fly who was as lively as me. 

About the Author: shivalihp
Shivali H. Patra California
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