Aug 20
poem challenge: I am ...

I am enough

I am free. that is what matters for I
would never want to be chained by my own
perception of "should." I am

I am wild. I jump and play and laugh and run
through the forests. I love my home that I reach
only so often but for now
that's enough. I am

loved by my family there
who support me unconditionally and I
support them unconditionally
too. I am
beautiful and smart and strong and happy.

I am wild and I am

I set out for the most horizon at its most
perplxing faze of dusk for just that reason. I am not
afraid of change. I do not only accept it, I scanvenge for it
in seek of an exciting journey,

an exciting life. I am adventerous,
to put it simply. I am

not that smart girl with the thousand wins who's
good at writing and does advanced math and
good grades are the only thing

she really has.
because I have so much more than that. I have
a home in the hills near the mountain of those
who see me for more than the
good grades girl. to them I am

beautiful and smart and strong and happy.
that is because I am

beautiful and smart and strong and happy
and I will not let the others break that down
anymore. I am

not defined by little numbers on a paper
or words down the hall. I am not even defined
by my family or my experiences or even my
personality. I am defined by

something called me that is
deep inside somewhere I cannot
see. it is like trying to see the eye in that
being me I cannot quite see me so

but that's okay.
I am just me and for now
that is enough.