Aug 21

YWP's ArtSpace

[Art by cedar, YWP]

Inspiration for YWP's visual artists

Welcome to ArtSpace, YWP's creative online studio! ArtSpace is a central gathering place on our website for all visual art and related projects. It's a place for the YWP community – painters and poets, photographers and storytellers – to explore and discover beautiful, meaningful art in the world – and right here on the YWP site. 

About ArtSpace:YWP Community! If you're interested in getting involved in ArtSpace – organizing, brainstorming, leading projects – of if you have any questions about it, contact YWP Executive Director Susan Reid at [email protected] or message me on the site at [email protected].

ArtSpace and the Great Artists Challenge are made possible through the generosity of the Wolf Kahn Foundation. Thank you!

About the Author: YWP
Hey YWP! You're at Young Writers Project headquarters! Want to get in touch? Just message Executive Director Susan Reid here!