Aug 21


[Art credit: "Hot Summer," by Wolf Kahn, cropped]

YWP ARTISTS! Each month, we'll introduce you to some of the world's greatest contemporary artists. Learn about the artists and their work, be inspired, and create your own great art! Go to the Great Artists challenge to post your response to the artists' stories and life work – paint, draw, photograph, write a poem or an appreciation of the artist! Use any medium to express yourself. Share your art with YWP and get published in YWP publications and Vermont media. 

WOLF KAHN – We begin the series with master landscape painter Wolf Kahn, whose brilliant oils and pastels are celebrated for balancing "the sensuous qualities of color, light, and paint with a relatively stark geometry of form."* Kahn, who was born in Germany in 1927, lived and worked in Vermont and New York City until his passing in 2020. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT WOLF KHAN!

Respond by posting your own art or write an appreciation of the artist

Art by Wolf Kahn, left to right, Hot Summer, On the Kafka Place, Ochre Barn, Blue Ridge III. 
Special thanks to the Wolf Kahn Foundation for sparking the idea for this project and for supporting it! Thanks also to YWP's Nightheart who started us on this path of greatness with her Great Poets Challenge!

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