Aug 28

ArtSpace Challenges 22-23

For a complete list of all art and writing challenges, go to the 2022-23 Weekly Challenges.

Great Artists: This prompt is part of THE GREAT ARTISTS CHALLENGE to help you discover, explore, and be inspired by great contemporary artists. Respond anytime to any of the artists – with your own original visual art and/or in writing. You could write an appreciation of the artist's work (include their name). You could try your hand at emulating their style. Or you could simply post a piece of art that you're proud of, and want to share in this space. Be creative and have fun! [Art by Wolf Kahn, "On the Kafka Place"]


Mandala. A mandala (Sanskrit for “circle”) is a geometric design that expands from a single point at the center, with the very act of its creation meant to serve as a meditative tool. Let your mind slow down as you draw or paint your own mandala, or photograph inspiration you find for one in the natural world. [Digital art by Evie Crowell, YWP Media Library]


Surreal: Paint or photograph a realistic outdoor landscape, then add a distinctly unrealistic object, person, or creature popping up into the scene. The more out-of-place, the better! [Photo by Penelope Zygarowski, YWP Media Library]

Favorite: What is your favorite piece of art? Use it as a model for your own artistic creation. Share the artist’s name and piece that inspired you. [​Lawren Harris, Group of Seven, "Lake Superior"]

ROYGBIV: Create a new visual art piece that uses all the vivid colors of the rainbow, without ever depicting a rainbow itself (no long, ordered series of colors!). [Art by Lauren McCabe, YWP Media Library]

Fingerpaint: Who says you’re too old for fingerpaint? We weren’t aware of any such age restriction! Alternatively, work with crayons, markers, glitter, or any other medium meant only for “kids.” [Art by Eloise Van Meter, YWP Media Library]

Mural: Your parents have just given you carte blanche to paint a mural in your bedroom – anything goes. Give us the mock-up. [Photo by Sienna Mardy, YWP Media Library]

Sticker: We’ve all seen those stick-figure representations of someone’s family on the back of their car – maybe your family even has one! Draw the updated, elevated version of your biological or chosen family as a cartoon bumper sticker. [Illustration by Claire Chutter-Cressy and Finle Weeks, YWP Media Library]


Art Critic: Write an appreciation of a piece of art that you admire. Explain why and how this piece affects you. [​Johannes Vermeer, Girl with a Pearl Earring, 1665]

Pet Portraits: Draw, paint, or use a camera to capture the idiosyncrasies of your pet(s). [​Photo by Krista Mangulsone on Unsplash]

Coloring Book: Adult coloring books are having a moment right now, with new studies lauding the activity as a form of mindfulness and many artists jumping on board. Using one color, outline a detailed scene meant to be colored in. If you have time, make a photocopy and go to town! [Illustration by Katherine Moran, YWP Media Library]

The Pianist: “Beneath My Fingers,” by YWP's Moonsand, communicates a great intensity of passion that would no doubt swell up in the hearts of all concert-goers were the subject a real person. Depict with art or describe with words the emotional journey of the audience that the pianist looks out on. [Art by Moonsand, MeJo Liao, YWP Media Library]

Meal: Draw, paint, sculpt, or photograph your favorite food or meal. [Miniature sculpture by Katherine Moran, YWP Media Library]

Magnified: Choose an everyday object to depict in its entirety, then with a magnifying glass or your eyes alone, deliver an accompanying visual study of your object up close. Something textured is encouraged! [Photo by Max Wilson, YWP Media Library]

Tattoo: If you were to get a magical tattoo that gave you powers based on its symbolism (e.g. a heart would bring you love), what tattoo would you get and why? [​Photo by Katrin Hauf on Unsplash]

Movement: Evoke a sense of movement in your next visual art or photography piece. A busy hummingbird? A mesmerizing salsa routine? A Six Flags coaster on its final climactic dive? [Digital art by Lauren McCabe, YWP Media Library]

Captions: Caption an old or entirely new photograph/visual art piece in 3-5 distinct and evocative ways to encourage your viewer to consider it from multiple perspectives. [Photo by Emilia Williams, YWP Media Library]

Insect: We’ll wager an art teacher has asked you to draw your pet before, but how about a bug? In your own medium, study the intricacies of an insect or arachnid up close. [Photo by Penelope Zygarowski, YWP Media Library]

Nature: Look at the natural world around you. What do you see? What do you smell? What do you feel? Write about it. Photograph it. Paint it! [Art by Avery Shearer, YWP Media Library]

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