Sep 07
poem challenge: Medusa
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Who Is Medusa?

Everybody thinks she’s evil,

But who is she really?

I’ve never met her,

So I don’t quite know.

She could be the most delightful person

in the world for all I know.

But if I really think hard, I think

she is sad,

but please don’t take my word for it.

Maybe she is sad because she is

scared of snakes

or because she turned an owl to stone.

But I really think she is lonely,

lonely because she only has snakes 

to keep her company.

So, if you see her

in the dollar store,

or at the mall,

or watering her garden,

go up to her, make a friend,

make her happy,

invite her to your house.

Just make sure you don’t look into

her eyes.
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