Sep 09
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When I stopped myself in time

When I stopped myself in time,
I watched a thousand lives,
A thousand separate paths
Of bees from different hives.

One stood behind the counter,
one by the bathroom door,
others knew what they had next,
others not so sure.

A midnight timecapstle 
of the corners open station,
Some seemed all too aware,
and freaked out by sanitation.

Others were distracted,
A girl staring at her phone,
many didn't like the way,
the door let out a moan.

some seemed to be in pain,
others had a limp,
the sleepy child wearing braids,
the elder smelled like mint.

Now maybe this is creepy,
maybe it's a little weird,
but when I stopped myself in time,
I saw through,
and life became unsheared.

Maybe the child was just tired,
that's why she made a fuss,
the lady just really hungry,
that's why I heard her cuss,
the man who held the door,
going back to his sick wife,
the dog was just begging,
but not in fear if his life.

these simple little things,
that happen every day,
take a moment to reflect,
why it could be this way.

The world becomes much clearer,
when you look beyond yourself,
stop time for once,
and think of someone else.

I saw a thousand lives 

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