Sep 10

This Utopia

 This Utopia
This waterfall falls in a never-ending cycle, its water pounding on the rocks below it, emitting a steady chorus of thumps.

Its sound attracts birds of all different sizes, colors, and patterns that swoop and fly freely in the air, some leaving white marks on the ground (if you know what I mean…:D). Behind the waterfall is a cave that lets out into a dome-shaped rock face that protects the clearing from light like a curtain of darkness, casting the climbing spot in endless shadow.

Bears cubs and who-knows-what kids play in the water, while their parents stretch(sleep) on the soft green grass, soaking up alllllll the sun and warmth. In this Utopia, waaayyyy before humans came along, the animals can live peacefully without fear of, you know, becoming extinct (well, at least until the meteor:D). 

The familiar stomp stomp of T-Rexes is loud but doesn’t really scare them anymore and they go about their day: playing, sleeping, and munching.

As the hours roll by, one by one, families go to their respective dens and caves.

Night approaches and finally sets in.

Oh, but that’s not all, ‘cause the nocturnal animals woke up!

The Northern lights glow green and blue in contrast to the navy blue sky, as bats, possums, and Black rhinos fly, scurry, and stampede across the empty clearing

Orion’s Belt, the Big Dipper, and many other constellations glitter brightly through the

northern lights and sharp whispers of crickets lull the no nocturnal animals to sleep.
      The End
About the Author: ccfitz