Sep 10
rant challenge: World Building
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A Brief Summary of an Entire Planet

Welcome to Memoria. My name is Venorium the Great Creator, and I’ll be your planetary guide today. I’ve got a meeting with Asmodeus soon, so I’ll try to keep this quick. Let’s start off with basic geography, shall we? Here’s a map.

If you look towards the center of the map, the first thing you notice are those two massive continents right next to each other. Those are Septaformis and Stelaformis. Septaformis is the southern one, and Stelaformis is the northern one. Right between the two are the Formissaen Islands. We’ll get into politics later, but for now, all you need to know is that Stelaformis is a whole bunch of city-states and Septaformis is a massive country divided into seven smaller ones. Stelaformis is pretty chaotic, and Septaformis is immensely corrupt. That’s all you need to know for now.

Anyways, to the northeast of Stelaformis is the much smaller continent of Skolaris. About thirty years ago, Skolaris was engulfed in the Ruins War. The Ruins War dragged in most of the rest of the world, and it was a pretty big event, but that’s not important. Right now, we’re just focusing on geography. 

A bit south of Skolaris is another small continent: Melar. Melar is divided into two sections by a mountain range. The west is taken up by a desert civilization called Carsho, and the east is all rainforest and swamp. On the eastern half, there are all sorts of cool things, like cat people and lizard people and actually, it’s just anthropomorphized cats and lizards.

To the southwest of Septaformis is the Shattered Land, Chalak. Chalak is a frozen tundra, inhabited by four barbarian tribes, constantly warring with one another. It wasn’t always shattered like it is now. In fact, only about thirteen thousand years ago, it was whole. I still remember that day like it was yesterday, but alas, it shall remain unspoken.

Lastly is Andoral’s Claw. We’ll get to that one later, but for now, all you need to know is that it was created at the same time that Chalak was shattered. Shall we move on to politics, then? What’s that you say? You don’t like politics? Well, that’s a shame. I guess you’ll just have to be bored. 
In the plains of Stelaformis, most of the population is in five big city-states, Khorel, Araka, Bailen Coille, Orion and Füern. Scattered throughout the plains, there are smaller but still substantial city-states. There are also several dwarven strongholds in the mountains. In the Forest of Stars, at the southernmost tip, there is a large druidic settlement. This is composed of multiple circles of druids, all working together to preserve and protect a crossing into the feywild.

Septaformis is broken. It’s supposed to be seven nations, called Tahala, Ciurna, Fahra, Jedla, Shanta, Heila, and Bacha. They’re supposed to be all united and governed by a single high king, but then, all of the individual kings got together and said, “Hey, let’s work together to make sure that there’s always the same family ruling the continent!” So they did just that. Now, whenever the old high king dies, instead of the rule going to whichever family’s next in line, it’s all one ruling family, so the same people are in charge forever.

Moving on to Skolaris, let’s talk about the Ruins War. Basically, there was this one kingdom in the north called Chailon. They decided that magic was bad, so they got all their anti-magic buddies and persecuted all the mages in the north. Another kingdom, called Pomparley, decided that mass persecution was bad, so they gathered all their pro-magic friends and attacked Chailon. Pomparley won, but not before dragging the rest of the northern hemisphere into a massive war which left several cities in very bad condition, including Chailon, which was completely razed. When the war ended 29 years ago, all the kingdoms in Skolaris got together and formed the Alliance of Skolaris, dedicated to keeping peace on the continent. 

Remember Melar? I do. Let’s talk about the politics of the western half for a bit. On the western half of Melar, there is only desert. Actually, there’s a bit more than desert. There’s a river, lake, and a few cities. Those few cities are united as the three major cities of Carsho. Carsho’s been around for a while. About 4,800 years, to be exact. Before that, it was ruled by Lorinia and called Cershra. Cershra was founded about 6,200 years ago, and it’s been pretty steady in its global significance since then.

The last natural continent, Chalak, is controlled by four nomadic tribes: The tribes of the Elk, Wolf, Bear, and Eagle. They each have their own set of islands that they stick to, but they’re constantly warring with each other, trying to gain control of their neighboring islands. Each of the tribes has their own Hall, which acts as the seat of power.

Before we move on to Andoral’s Claw, there’s a little bit of history I need to get out of the way. About 13,000 years ago, some sort of energy started leaking into Memoria from beyond the world. The gods were conflicted about what to do with this power, so we fought a war over it, in which the continent of Chalak was shattered into its current state. During that war, all of the gods who wanted to use the power for selfish reasons got together and made a weapon to break the fabric of reality and create a massive portal to all the lower planes. That portal was Andoral’s Claw. It’s since been closed, but there is still strong residual magic there.
    Before we get into some more history, let’s go over the basics of timekeeping. The current year is 3234 After the Fall of Lorinia, or AFL. Lorinia was the largest empire ever, so we use its fall as our year zero. Each year has 372 days, split into twelve months with thirty-one days each. Each month is named after a different god, with the suffix “-sta,” meaning “In the month of,” at the end . Unfortunately, there’s no Venoriumsta, but I do see the reasoning behind not naming a month after me. After all, I just created this world; I don’t really interfere with anything. I doubt that most of them know I exist.

    Getting back on track, civilization began around the year 4500 Before the Fall of Lorinia (BFL). That first city-state was called Alran. About 500 years later, Beiral conquered Alran. Another 250 years after that, Orla was founded in modern-day Jedlah. After about 700 years, there are five massive countries on Stelaformis and Septaformis. Their names are Orla, Utano, Elranh, Balow, and Escothar. In the year 2813 BFL, they united to form the empire of Lorinia. 

By this point about 95% of the world was elven. The only humans, dwarves, and halflings were living on Melar, Skolaris, and Chalak. In 2252 BFL, Lorinia conquered Cershra, on the eastern side of Melar. Additionally, Lorinia grew to control the vast majority of Stelaformis and Septaformis. Around 2050 BFL, Cershra formed an organized rebellion. Soon after, Chalak began raiding the southern end of Septaformis. Around 1685 BFL, a plague decimated the world. Due to Cershra’s hyperarid environment, they were kept mostly safe. They took advantage of this time to wrestle freedom from Lorinia. 

After the plague ends, more rebellious uprisings begin. To solve this, Lorinia divided the world into many smaller kingdoms, with each one allowed to govern themselves as they pleased, but still under control of Lorinia. 

From 1600 to 1100 BFL, Lorinia underwent a renaissance and industrial revolution. They developed technology in gunpowder, steam engines, and eventually, air travel. They developed atomic theory, researched biology, and fully mapped the land. After they had explored everything on solid ground, they began exploring the next logical area: underwater. Lorinia made submarines and mapped the ocean floor. They build cities underwater, and some of the elves even evolved to breathe underwater.

After they were done with the oceans, they turned their eyes upwards. In the year 424, the Lorinian Space Program was founded. 28 years later, they land on the moon. In 319 BFL, Lorinia attempted to land on the next planet further from the sun, but unfortunately, the rocket lost its course, and it missed.

After that point, Lorinia stopped the space program. Over the course of the next three hundred years their corruption grew, and rebellious uprisings increased in both frequency and intensity. To solve this, the Lorinian government created a spell. That spell was the most powerful spell ever created, and I’ll admit, when it was cast in 37 BFL, I got a bit scared. That spell caused everyone living on Stelaformis, Septaformis, or Melar who disagreed with the government of Lorinia to become sterile and infected with a magical disease. Unfortunately for the government, that meant most people in the world. After thirty years, the population of the world was reduced from about 10 billion to about 10 million. To fix this, a group of rebel wizards made another spell of similar power. They knew that civilization needed a hard reset. This group of wizards created a new spell which rivaled the previous one in power. This spell, however, was of a different sort entirely. This spell made everything that Lorinia created, with the exception of historical records, explode. They spent seven years working on its creation, and in the year zero, it was cast.

For the next three thousand two hundred thirty-four years, civilization slowly worked its way back up, although this time without nearly as many elves, and much more slowly.