Sep 12
fiction challenge: Flowers
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The Little Sunflower Boy

If a sunflower were a human I would picture it as a little boy between the ages of four and nine. The little sunflower boy would wear green shorts with a bright yellow long sleeve and a little sunflower for a hat. His shoes would be brown tree branches with green vines going all around the tiny twigs. His hair would be curly and shoulder length and a bright beautiful blonde. His face would have freckles around his face and a tiny nose with a yellow eye and a brown eye (Heterochromia). His traits would include clumsy, kind, positive, and helpful.

The little sunflower boy would be named Klyde and he would love his name because he loves himself and others. Everybody would love him but he wouldn’t behave spoiled or mean. He would treat all with equity and kindness. He would treat all with respect and  positivity and help those in need. He would live in a hollowed-out tree with his mother and father who would work as farmers with low income.

He would decide that one day Klyde would grow plants. He would sell the plants and help his family. He would find the seeds in his mother's dress drawer and bring them outside. He would look at the flower seeds. Lilies. Lilies would be his mother's favorite. The flowers would grow and grow and never STOP! He would sell them for two dollars. At the end of every day for a week he would make four dollars. Which means he would make almost thirty dollars – the amount of money to buy a week's worth of food for the entire town! He would have to decide between giving it to the town or giving it to his family who were in plenty of need of money. He would decide to share it all with the townspeople and he would win an award for his kindness and his family would be proud of him.
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