Sep 13
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The ways in which I cannot explain.

If you were to ask me;
‘What are you like?’
Id simply shrug,
You go about life
Feeling like you need
To know every last
Detail about yourself
Like the way you talk
Your humor
Your personality
All the way down to 
How much you eat in a day,
But honestly,
I don't know who i am, 
I don't know what i wanna be
Or who i wanna be,
It impossible to explain who i am,
If I, myself, don't even know who I am.
Am I the boy who likes to skate?
Maybe although i can't remember the 
Last time I had the energy to skate.
Am I the boy who likes to bake?
Sure, but I haven't made any pastarys in months.
Don't I love to write?
I guess, but nothing comes to mind anymore.
The things I once loved, the things that once kept me from going insane.
Just seems like chores now. They aren't fun anymore.
They are not me anymore.

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