Sep 16
fiction challenge: Creatures
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Forest Spirit

The wisp is something that most people don’t believe in, but the people who do call it a blessing. They say it’s attracted to those that are gifted, those pure of heart. It’s more of a legend, than anything—couldn’t even be classified as a creature. More of a spirit, really, it doesn’t have organs or seemingly a brain. It’s just a light blue ghost-like apparition, a round oval body fit on a round head, with a tapered tail that fades at the end into a white mist.

Even through the lack of a brain, however, these beings are smart. Shy, but curious. They don’t speak—don’t really have a mouth, either, and no appetite. They lead explorers to what they need most, or what they are searching for—food, shelter, a stream of fresh water—, or maybe a clearing in the forest filled with glowing mushrooms and crystals (100% NOT a hint).

Some say they are as old as the earth, birthed from either the stars or the sun or anything in between. Ancient? Definitely. Birthed from the sun? Probably not.

Either way, you won’t be seeing them often—they only appear where humans don’t go, in the dark parts of the jungle where light can’t reach, in overgrown chasms, ruins eroded by time.