Sep 16
fiction challenge: Window
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Views of the Outside World

Sunlight pierces through the window, shifting slightly every couple of minutes. Plants lay on a table near the sill, casting a shadow upon the surrounding area. Decaying leaves dangle near the base of the pots taking their last breath before descending below like the others. Outside displays Summer’s foliage before the Autumn reaps the souls of the vegetation. A pebbled path directs through a cluster of wisping cattails and golden rods to our brick school building and paved floors. Kids are scattered around the playground doing whatever compels them to do at the moment. A small kid in a white shirt sits on the rocky path wasting away at their book, flipping through the pages every few seconds or so. A tall arrow-shaped tree towers over them, wrapping them in a soft shadow from the beaming sun above. Another kid walks down to the field and then up towards the paved area near the school. Never really staying in one place. A teacher stands nearby a group of young students, appearing to watch for anything “unexpected”, in their words. A forceful blow of a whistle sends kids running toward the recess doors, and bigger clumps of friends start to form as they got closer. Clusters of children flow into the two small doors each one leading each other to a full stomach and a lunch room. Another child darts from those doors back to the wooden gazebo, seemingly to pick up their forgotten lunch box. As this child collects his belongings, the second group of slightly older students starts to trickle into the play structures, some running towards the gaga ball pit, some slowly making their way to the arrow-shaped tree. Further beyond the school’s field and play structures, trees swayed along with the wind, at peace with life. The blooming flowers followed along with their bigger counterparts. The sun still beamed through the window, only slightly dimmer than before. Plants and children alike bask in the Summer sun awaiting the soon arrival of the Autumn breeze.