Sep 18
poetry challenge: Window


Why does the rain 
tap on the window
when you can't feel it?
Why will it remind you of 
the dew drops dancing on the grass blades in early spring,
of August's ocean breeze spraying saltwater in your hair, 
and how the cold damp snow of a December morning 
washes your eye lashes with fresh flakes
dazzling from the sky? 

The rain on the window is different,
but it reminds you of this,
and it taunts you,
just pattering on the glass,
making it freeze your fingers
pressed against the window pane,
and you think about what it would be like to feel the 
winter snow, spring dew, summer spray, fall rain.

But you don't feel it at all

and you forget those sensations that you once knew – 
you forget the feeling of them

because the 
made them too far away.