Sep 19
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A strangers safe

If I was just a friend,
id tell myself it's ok to cry,
it's ok to wonder about;
if you're gonna be alright. 

If I was just my father,
I'd try my very best.
Emotions just confuse me,
but a hug would settle the rest.

if I was just a counselor,
id listen and convey,
what do you think that you should do?
maybe, look the other way?

If I became my mother, 
I'd wish her pain away.
I'd struggle knowing that she hurts,
but love her all the same.

maybe what I wish the most,
is for someone I don't know.
A stranger to console me,
just give them a little show.

maybe a third party,
soneone just to listen in-
lets be real,
I just might not, 
know how I even feel. 

I think if I were a stranger,
I might be somebody's safe,
a secret in,
they let it out,
And I send it off to space. 


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