Sep 20


You will not understand me
So don't begin to try
I am if the moon was square
And fish swam in the sky

Don't try to understand me
Please do not raise my heart
It will make it that much harder when
It has to break apart

You will not understand me
I can see that when you bawl
You still feel sorrow, still feel pain
I feel nothing at all

Your anger only bubbles
It doesn't boil, but brew
Mine scratches up inside my heart
It's claws are breaking through

Your laughter is so merry
So grounded and so bright
I laugh but my wings are unfurled
I'm ready to take flight

And when I speak I'm rhyming
My words do not make sense
When I'm trying to compliment
You tend to take offense

My jokes you see as tragedies
And my tragedies as songs
All my sins are amplified
And all my rights are wrongs

You won't ever understand me
You won't be able to guess
Because however little you understand
I understand much less