Sep 20

Some people

These rhymes are pretty bad and this poem uses no technique; I apologize. I'm just getting my thoughts out because this is something that happens very often and is easier to understand if I have it in writing.

Some people just have this way of being
They'll talk to you, smile at you in the halls
Act like you're friends, even say that you're friends
They'll pick you up after all your falls

And then they'll trail off, let other people answer
Your questions, like you don't even exist
And then, just a glance, just a "hi" in the halls
Is like the greatest honor, there's been a shift

An honor that they even noticed you
And I wish I could say that it's their problem
Not mine, like I am suppose to believe
But I can't convince myself, I'll just be solemn

It's my own problem that I trip over my own feet
When I am acknowledged, and I will keep
tripping over my own feet when they say hello
wishing not that they'll say something more deep,

But that I can be that way, too. Some evil part
Of me wishes that people, when I say hello,
Will be honored that I merely acknowledge them,
Too. Is it evil to wish such a thing? I think so.