Sep 20
poem challenge: Great Poets
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My Backpack

You were there the night before the first day of school when I checked you thirteen times to make sure I had everything.

You were there waiting at home, almost mockingly, when I tried out a tote bag for a day and was reminded why free people bags are free with purchase, after the mesh gave out.

You were there with your left side pocket filled with a snack instead of a script at a hectic musical rehearsal.

You were there holding an essay, I was so proud of that I just needed to keep between me and you before I got partner feedback on it.

You were there carrying extra pencils I decided to pack just in case anyone had forgotten one.

You were there with tissues when I couldn’t get to the classroom box by the window fast enough during spring allergies.

You were there when I needed something to lean on after a long French class, and an even longer homework assignment ahead.

I have pushed you in lockers, filled you up so much your zippers wouldn't close and hid you when I overcompensated with materials on a standardized test day, that I actually was doing on a computer.

But also…

You were on top of a hay bail when I put my hands up roller coaster style on a tractor ride at a windy farm class field trip last fall.


You were in a car trunk when I had to eat an ice cream cone at top speed before it melted after a series of aesthetic shots by the beach with a friend.

You are a constant.

If you were any other style, kind or make I could never have had all the memories, support and comfort I have gotten from you.
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