Sep 21
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Kindness mourning

I don't believe you know me,
id recognize your taste.
you must've just mistaken me,
for the girl with freckles on her face.

I saw her around yesterday,
shining glee and delight.
for I am only gloomy,
Darkness compared to light.

she's magic I might add,
good at wearing kindness capes,
she might just be,
the only one,
who's let me go escape.

im her biggest foe;
We dance like moon and sun, 
when I show up,
she disappears,
and the show has just begun. 

she can't help that I am here,
im here because of her,
she gives too much,
and takes a hit,
from which I do occur.

Im the sad part of her heart,
the blue in golden veins,
the only way to set things right,
is for me to morn her pains.

but stay a little longer, 
she'll be out In just a bit,
im almost done,
It won't be long,
She'll be sure to bring her wit. 



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