Sep 21
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The Uninhabited Island

I was surfing at night when the riptide pulled me away.

I knew to not fight it but instead let it take me out to the middle of the Pacific Ocean. 

I seriously doubted the name Pacific Ocean when the riptide pulled me to an undiscovered island.

I scrambled up the shore, my feet leaving little imprints on the sand.

I scanned my surroundings and saw a bunch of palm trees and washed up driftwood.

I dimly wondered what to eat when an idea struck. Fishing and Coconuts! I snatched up a piece of driftwood from the ground, marched up to a tree and whacked it. Not my best idea. I thought when a coconut crashed down — onto my head.

“Owwwwwwwww” I moaned and shook my head to return to my senses.

I threw the coconut up to get more and ended up with a dozen!

I got more driftwood and palm leaves to start a fire.

Once it was roaring, I split one of my coconuts on a rock I found, boiled it on my fire, and drank deeply, savoring the sweet flavor.

My eyes soon drifted shut and I fell into a deep slumber.


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