Sep 21

My magical Creature!

Her scales flash and glitter as she wags her bejeweled tail, reflecting the sun into the water. The fluff on her under now drips with the saltwater.

Everywhere except her face, belly, and legs are covered in iridescent blue, green, and purple scales while her face, legs, and belly are covered with pink, fluffy fur.

She wades back into the ocean until it’s only her multi-colored horns that rest on the top of head. But when she jumps up and plunges down to the depths, she is out of sight. As she can breathe underwater, she could stay down there as long as she wants. But a few minutes later, she twirls ten feet out of the water with sun behind her, making it look as if she was lit from within.Water that came with her spirals back to the ocean, landing with little ripples.

She comes here every evening to play and watch the sun set.

She goes underneath the surface, swimming with the exotic fish that spawn here every summer but soon loses interest and breaks apart from the pod.

She swims back to shore and lies on the sandy ground.

After a while her slight snores drift up to the twinkling stars.
About the Author: ccfitz