Sep 24
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Bittersweet Flesh Wounds

Bittersweet Flesh Wounds.        TW: Refrences of addiction
You remind me of childhood summer nights,

Scraping a knee on the concrete.

I’ll get up and act like it didn't happen,

When I'm with you I can ignore a small flesh wound.
We met in a weird situation,

Never thought we would get so close.

You make me take down my walls,

To see all of me.

You once told me when i flinched,

How you would never hurt me.

I haven’t felt that safe in a long time,

And that made me want more from you.
You make me WANT to be sober,

To remember every single part of this life.

If it's short lived I want all of it with you. 

I used to call you,


Just on my bathroom floor.

I may not remember most of those nights but,

I do know the reason I'm alright now.
Talking to you is bittersweet like cleaning flesh wounds.

If I had my mouth stitched shut I would still find a way to talk to you.

I hate the way you will never think of me that way,

But I also love it because that means I'm less likely to lose you.

But I do wonder,

Will you ever like me like I do?
—Sadiya Kubba-Stepp

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