Oct 05


i get to see you again
in a week and half

just for the night

we'll run together when you get out of school
and then go swimming,
and pretend to go to bed

and then the next morning we'll pretend to wake up 
because, obviously, we're never going to sleep
and I'll leave you,

it's just for the night

less than twelve hours
and not for another week and a half

yet you're so excited,
     planning out every minute

excited that you get to show me this new life you've built,
about the new friends you've made,
and your crazy english teacher.

i know you live in a different world, 
because i live in my own world too
but it never really occurred to me before,
that here
i'm just three dots on a screen,
a couple phone calls,
and hundreds of texts a day.

i'm just that best friend you always talk about
the one no one's ever met
it's like

 i don't even exist