Oct 07
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After Lights Out

     The door was locked, the light turned off. Something waited and then in the far corner of the room a shape started to wobble. A pair of eyes and a mouth appeared on the surface of a…desk?! Then, something else started to shake and the same facial features appeared on a…chair?! A voice spoke, but there was no people inside the room, 

    “Oh my gosh, I’m really going to suffocate if these things keep happening.”

    “You’re better off, I get to smell people’s butts everyday, ugh.”

    “Well, I have to face the boogers!”

    “They’re middle schoolers! Surely they aren’t as childish as that!”

    “Don’t even remind me of these middle schoolers. They have no idea of the pain we go through, the weight we hold on top!”

    “True…I get crushed almost everyday! I know I’m strong, but I’m getting old, and keep my word, anytime these days, you’ll see me crashing down from the weight above.”

    “Well, I guess I’ll have a few more years than you.”

    Ah, so the things talking are the desk and the chair! The chair spoke,

    “Come on mate, help me massage for a little bit, I’ll return the favor.”

    The desk grew out hands and sighed, “I guess we’ll have the same number of years left if you keep asking for these massages.”

    The desk helped the chair loosen up its hands.
    “Ah, now that’s what I live for, a massage after a long hard day of work…” The chair exclaimed.

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