Oct 11
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They think it’s gross

Whistle while the clock ticks,
only so they might never hear,
if ever you're off pitch.

Hold your breath when hiking,
they all feel the same in fact,
only pathetic people pant,
and they of course- 
would never be doing that.

make sure you know they hate snot,
if ever you may have to sneeze,
they'd hate to see too much of that,
so stick around with me.

I couldn't care less,
If you were a human being,
even if it's a little "odd" per say,
it's never off with me.

I often wonder,
if they really feel the way they do,
about the very human things,
that don't bother me and you.

maybe it's been told to them;
don't do this and that,
or maybe they don't really know,
WE never gave a crap.


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