Oct 16
fiction challenge: Space
Summit House-WCS's picture

An endless void of dreams

Imagination. This is an incredible thing. People take it for granted, even though imagination is really amazing. So as far as we know the closest thing we’ll ever get to really capturing imagination is space. When we look up to the sky on a starry night, it is truly amazing. Every star, Jupiter, Mars, it's incredible. And this amazement is what drives scientists to do what they do best, discovery.

When I think about it, I can really imagine a Star Trek like universe happening. With or without all the aliens. I can imagine this happening because of having a global federation dedicated to finding new planets and life happening is a very realistic thing that would happen if we discovered warp speed. If we could travel in space ships, I would definitely get one. I would travel to all the different worlds and meet aliens and learn all about them. All spaceships would probably be equipped with an arsenal of astronaut suits so if something goes wrong, you can put on a suit and maybe be able to fix the problem. (depending on how severe the problem is) If there is intelligent life other than humans out in space, then I really hope that we don’t go to war. It’s a very human-like thing to attack something that they are afraid of. And going to war with intelligent life is the last thing we’ll need.

I think that no matter what we do in terms of space exploration, scientists who have grown up dreaming about what is among the stars will be the key. Space really is the final frontier.