Oct 18
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Hurt and hurt again,
feeling less alive,
struck down by those who taught me,
In what means I should survive. 
"lay low and feel the pressure",
as I walk with shoes in hand,
tiptoeing around the little world,
unsure of where to land.
I became weak and shaky,
Less and less discreet indeed,
it was then that you had spot me,
curled up and like a tumble weed.
i didn't know at first,
what would be right or wrong,
you made me feel so good inside,
a way I haven't felt in long.
i opened my heart up to you,
and you opened up my eyes,
this little world that frightened me,
was just wearing a disguise.
You taught me how to live along,
the many pressures we had faced,
and once I had awakened,
my bounds became unlaced.
It was only you who could,
and as hard as I may try,
I cannot fight the love I feel,
that would be a lie.

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