Oct 18
poetry challenge: America Now

Be a woman (letter from society)

Be a woman
don't wear baggy clothing
look attractive
don't be tempting or seducing or sexy; men can't help themselves.

Be a woman
keep your head high
speak your voice and your mind
be quiet; your opinion doesn't matter because you're a girl

Be a woman
eat salads and sandwiches and fruits 
eat everything 
you eat too much, go on a diet
omg look at her
she's so skinny
she obviously has body image issues
she doesn't love herself
why can't she be happy with her body?
i liked her before her diet
no man will want a woman that thin
she should see a doctor
something's wrong with her

Be a woman
Be the light in the room
brimming with confidence
you're just bringing attention to yourself.
You scream at me
everything i do is too "this"
or not enough "that."
why am i not enough
for you 
for him
for her
for them
for anyone

what do you want from me?