Oct 22

Rush part 3

Ariel had planned everything perfectly. She managed to duck out of the building after stealing the security keys from a guard and hiding in a dumpster for a few minutes before running on the highway to a gas station. 
“Alright.” She said to herself. “I need a makeover.”
She used the little money she had stolen from homeless people’s cups to buy a dress, flip-flops, cheap hair dye, contacts, and basic first aid. After bandaging her feet, she changed into the dress and began working on her hair. The dye smelled bad, but worked quickly. Her blonde hair was a canvas for color, so a few rounds in the sink left her hair deep red. She used scissors to give herself a haircut and put in the brown contacts. She threw away her hospital gown and rushed out of the store. 
Ariel wasn’t sure what to do next. She was too far from home to stay at a friend's house, and they would surely call her mother. She was at least an hour away from any family, and was totally lost. The sun was setting, so she asked for directions to a random neighborhood from an ederly man. 
“You want to know where Park Court is?”
“Sure.” She impatiently nodded.
“Then give me something in return.”
Her eyes twitched slightly. “What?”
“You can walk there by yourself...or I could help you out.”
He gestured to an old car with a man sleeping inside. Ariel heart sank into her stomach when his implications hit her.
“No. I’m walking.” She snapped before dashing off.
“Come back, have some fun!”
He continued to leer at her and juggle profanities with drunk talk. She felt creeped out and kept running.
When she turned the corner, large homes with beautiful decor were lined up everywhere. There was elegance radiating from the street, so she took a chance to find help there. She counted 7 houses and approached the 8th because it was her lucky number.

Ding dong. 
No answer.

She turned around to scout out any other houses when footsteps approached the door. She turned around to see a tanned boy with glasses look visibly concerned. 
Ariel took a deep breath.
“I need help.”