Oct 22

Rush part 4

“Okay, let me get this straight.” Mars needed a minute to process. He straightened up from his desk and sat next to her on the bed.
“You ran away from a mental hospital because your immediate family is THAT shitty?”
“So you don’t know where you are. And you don’t live near here?”
“And you expect me to take care of you because I live in a nice house? I don’t know you. Why are you hurt? Also-”
Before Mars finished the thought, Sarah knocked on the door.
“Marssssss. Help me with my computer.”
“One moment.” He turned to Ariel. “Just stay in the closet until I can come back. Don’t make a SOUND.”
“Okay, okay. Look, I’m so-”
“Just….get in. Okay?”
She walked into the humongous closet.
“This is the size of my bathroom!!” She gasped.
“Shhhhh! Go!” Mars shoved her inside.
He grabbed both sides of the door.
“And…pick something from here to wear.”
“H-huh..?” Ariel flushed in confusion.
“You need to cover up the injuries.”
“Oh. Right.”
He turned on the light and closed the doors behind her. As soon as she couldn’t see him, his face started to turn red.