Nov 04

Patron saint

Hi, I’m Gracie, patron saint of putting people who hurt me back together,
Of helping, despite getting pushed and shoved.
I speak for the people who love others more than we get loved,
Those who are armed with Elmer’s glue
And ‘I love you too’s.’
I speak for the girls who fall in love too fast
With boys who will never last.
But us, we know that,
But still we always fight back.
We continue to glue and tape
And fix that person into their best shape.
We love and we kiss and we bandage up,
Even the boys who we know better than to trust.
I speak for those who give to people who will forever take
And who cry on their bedroom floor because they know they made a mistake
After hanging up a call
That revealed he feels nothing at all.
I’m the patron saint of people who think it’s their fault.
Maybe if we would have given it more thought
We would have made them love us
And there wouldn’t be anything to discuss
Because everything would be alright.
I speak for the people who are still sad about a person who shouldn’t matter,
For the people who hear, ‘How could they do that to her?’
I speak for the people whose minds will forever implore
The thought of doing more
Who are too scared to admit 
That it takes a lot to handle all of it,
But nothing ever stops.
The cycle keeps spinning.
We will fix, we will love, and we will keep grinning.
Hi, I’m Gracie, the patron saint of putting people who hurt me back together.