Nov 05
opinion challenge: Contrast


What I am about to convey may not make any logical sense. I believe most of what I think lacks sense. Therefore I think my logical senselessness makes me the perfect person to describe emotions. I am a teenage girl, I feel the entire emotional spectrum passionately and daily. On a side note, I hope in 50 years an English teacher is reading this to her class and yelling “What was the hidden meaning!” For the record there was no hidden meaning to what I conveyed and it was very pretentious of me to think anyone will ever actually read my bland yet artistic typed words. 

I have an insane math teacher who is always contradicting himself. He screams and shouts at us to be focused on math and honor its greatness then proceeds to ride around the class on a tricycle, making us sing songs while insulting us. Everything about him contradicts itself. The man wears a tailored 3 piece suit to school everyday coupled with purple polka dot socks and tennis shoes. He tells us to do math in our heads then proceeds to write examples on the board. My feelings for him contradict themselves as well. He is my most terrifying teacher so naturally I am scared of him. One never knows what to expect when he opens his mouth. But, more predominantly I feel love and hate for him. 

Love and hate are two very strong emotions known for being the epitome of opposites. With that being said, I have always thought it was very interesting how quickly people could switch between such polar opposites. Though I am not saying the two are not opposites. If you love someone you want what's best for them. If the person you love succeeds you are happy and succeed as well. When you hate someone you want something diabolical to happen to them. You are crushed when they succeed. Ergo the idea of love and hate are the opposite. Maybe it is the actual experience of the emotions that are the same. Love and hate are such strong emotions that the only opposite could be indifference. The reason for this being that indifference is the only emotion without strength. The only emotion that does not trigger a deep response. I am sure it means something deep that the two emotions share the same opposite, but alas I was dropped on my head one too many times as a baby to figure it out. I do not think it means love and hate are the same but more like pancakes and waffles. They are made out of the same batter but inspire very different reactions.

After my extremely deep and inspirational speech about pancakes and waffles I realize I neither love nor hate my math teacher. I think society used love and hate to describe such mediocre sentiments the two lost their pizzazz. I like my math teacher but I don't really care too much about him. Though I am entirely filled to the brim and overflowing with terror.

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