Nov 07
poem challenge: Great Artists

Lantern in the night

This piece was inspired by an image I saw demonstrating a quiet boarding dock in a tranquil night, having only been occupied by the dimly lit lantern that hung on the pole, and a giant mysterious boat that emerged from the mist. 

The lantern smiles brightly in the night.
It starts to swing, and as the light takes flight
A mysterious boat materializes out of the mist.
The lantern ponders, and asks, "Who's this?"
The boat does not reply, just gives a cold glare.
The lantern flickers, and starts to get scared.
The boat then says, "Sorry, that's not fair.
"I was just swimming and I saw you there.
"I figured I'd stop, come say hi,
"But I do not want to scare you, so I must say goodbye."
The lantern laughs and its warmth fills the air.
"I wasn't scared, I was just surprised to see you there."
The boat deeply exhales a sigh of relief.
A lantern and a boat, now friends, how neat.


About the Author: Noah Carmona
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